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South Jersey families lost their share of loved ones to COVID-19

December 28, 2020


Robert “Swami” Browne called his sister from the hospital, saying he had a bad cold, although  the doctors said it was something called “the COVID.”

     “I’ll be home soon,” he said.  Read more on Press website

Nominees to Pinelands Commission held up by controversial practice of ‘senatorial courtesy’

December 4, 2020


State Sen. Michael Testa is exercising the long-standing and unwritten privilege of New Jersey senators to be a “roadblock” — in this case, between Robert Jackson and a seat on the state Pinelands Commission. Read more on Press website


The Press of Atlantic City

Upper Township prepares for role in off shore wind

November 12, 2020

UPPER TOWNSHIP — Electricity generated by offshore wind turbines seems on the fast track to New Jersey consumers. And the Township Committee would have no problem with the transmission lines running along Roosevelt Boulevard. Read more on Press website

Upper Township committeeman says he never resigned, but lawyer disagrees

October 28, 2020

UPPER TOWNSHIP — Hobart “Hobie” Young received a chilly reception Monday when he showed up for the virtual meeting of the Upper Township Committee, a governing body from which he had supposedly just resigned. Read more on Press website

South Jersey waste managers learning to adjust to changing recycling parameters, increasing costs

December 28, 2020

Recycling in South Jersey, as in much of the world, is adjusting to a new, costlier normal: China no longer wants our trash.  Read more on Press website

Poll shows bipartisanship support for protecting NJ's environment, but polarization on climate change  

November 18, 2020

If there’s one thing New Jersey Republicans and Democrats agree on, it’s the importance of protecting the environment, according to research commissioned by the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters.  Read more on Press website

As pandemic takes toll on our psyche, mental health provides offer ways to cope

November 28, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes a toll on America’s mental health, local providers are urging their patients to take long walks in open spaces, reach out to friends, breathe deeply — and, in some cases, check themselves into a hospital.  Read more on Press website

New Jersey anglers air concerns that windfarms will negatively impact fishing

January 17, 2021

Can fluke fishing survive wind farms? It was among the worries expressed by roughly 70 New Jersey anglers at a virtual public meeting Wednesday evening hosted by Atlantic Shores, the developer of an offshore wind farm between Atlantic City and Barnegat Light.  Read more on Press website

Municipalities grapple with best practices for public meetings during pandemic and beyond

January 31, 2021

Two neighboring beach towns in Cape May County -- Avalon and Stone Harbor -- take divergent approaches to the technology that can make public meetings accessible online. They offer a glimpse into how jurisdictions are grapppling with the challenges to democracy in a pandemic. Read more on Press website

Anglers and officials for offshore windfarm partnership explore effects of planned project on NJ's recreational fishing industry

February 1, 2021

The multinational partnership that wants to build an offshore wind farm hosted “another feel-good seminar to show that they care,” in the words of fisherman Bob Rush Jr   Read more on Press website

Cape May County gets a boost from Uber for a more efficient fare-free transportation service  

February 7, 2021

What if your doctor says she can see you today, but your county bus sytem requires three days' notice?  

     Perhaps its something Cape May County residents need not worry about come April 1.  On that day, county residents can enjoy same-day service, according to Daniel J. Mulraney, director of the county's government's Fare-Free Transportation program. Read more on Press website