Hypnosis: the trance that refreshes you

Jewish Professional, Boston

     Cool air rushes from the air conditioner, sounding much like the ocean. You close your eyes and think of the last time you were at the beach. You remember the vastness of the sea, the power of its waves. You feel the water rushing past your ankles as you stand at the ocean’s edge.

Alison Grillo



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Exemption is the root of a sales problem

Ocean County Observer, Toms River, NJ

     In the world according to the state Pinelands Commission, being a “piney” is more than just a privilege.  It is a non-transferable privilege.

How to do a stock offering

The Business Journal, Milwaukee

     Going public is a great way to raise tons of money, to say nothing for the ego boost of seeing your company’s initials flash across a stock display screen.  But before throwing your lot to the bulls and the bears, you will want to ask yourself some questions.

Milwaukee-based Irish monthly

grows on the cheap

The Business Journal


     From its modestly furnished 3rd Ward office,

the Irish American Post is reaching an increasingly

national – and even international – circle of readers.

Sports stats boom sparks new strategies on and off the field

The Business Journal

     Being a stat man at basketball games used to be a low-tech pursuit.

     When a player grabbed a rebound, you made a pencil mark next to his name.  Someone else hit a free throw, you made another mark.  And so on.

     But ten years ago the National Basketball Association made a fast break into the information age,

Corker, Panthers sack lifeless Generals

Ocean County Observer

     Success bounced away from the New Jersey Generals and was stepped on by a blitzing linebacker named John Corker.